Three Steps To Getting Your Business Ready For Hurricane Season

If you run a business storefront not only do you have to be ready for a business emergency, but you must be ready for any sort of natural disaster that could come in your area. Having a plan for hurricanes if you live in an area that tends to get hurricanes during the fall is important. As a business owner, you need to have a plan for your employees and your outer structures in order to keep the business safe. Here are a few things that you must do as a business owner to get your storefront ready for a possible hurricane:

Get storefront hurricane windows and shutters

If your city's weather report says that a hurricane will be coming through, you will need to immediately begin to secure stock and prepare the store so that the least amount of damage happens. Prior to the hurricane season, get storefront hurricane windows installed at your business. This will be more difficult for winds to shatter, making your store safer. Hurricane shutters can also protect windows from things flying into them. 

Make closing announcements via messaging

If you know that a hurricane is coming, it is a good idea to secure your business and close down until the hurricane blows through. This means that you will need to get into contact with every employee to let them know that the store is closed. This may mean that you need to send a mass email or call each employee personally and leave a message at one or two numbers where they can be reached. Employees should also practice where inside of the store they should go for cover if the hurricane hits early before the store has had a chance to close. Storing rations, blankets, and other emergency equipment inside of the store office will help any employees who may need to remain inside of the store overnight before they can leave. 

Financially plan for closures

Sometimes stores look to open up too early after a hurricane because they need to meet their financial goals. Other stores can't afford the cost of the cleanup and the cost of closing due to ill preparation. It is important to financially plan for the possibility of hurricanes closing the business or causing some damage. Plan every year to take at least one week off for financial disasters. Having an operational budget that allows time for emergency closures will help you and your employees not stress during times of inclement weather. 

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