5 Benefits To Replacing Your Windows

It's time to replace your windows. Perhaps you've noticed the frames are buckling or deteriorating. Or maybe you know there are energy efficient choices that can help you save on your utility bills. In fact, there are several benefits to replacing your windows. Find out why you should tackle this big home improvement project sooner rather than later.

Beautify your House

When you replace your windows, it's like you give your house's façade an eye lift. The exterior of your home just looks a little sharper with new windows. Indeed, you have many choices for new windows regarding from shape to pane styles. You can use your window replacement project as a chance to update your house's appearance with new styles.

Higher Resale Value of your House

What does improving the façade of your home do? Besides making you happy, it increases your house's curb appeal. This can create a positive impression on passersby. However, as Bob Vila points out, it also increases the resale value of your house. After all, a house with beautiful — and energy efficient — windows is attractive to potential buyers.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

When choosing replacement windows, most homeowners opt for energy efficient varieties. The options for energy efficient windows include multiple panes of glass, gas fills, and glazing to reflect UV rays. Such windows can help you control the interior temperature of your home. Since you have to run your heater and air conditioner less, you see a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Improved Comfort

In that vein, old windows often don't seal well. You may see obvious signs of this, such as buckling, or you may just notice a little draft. When you replace your windows, the contractors fit the new ones perfectly into the hole. This seals out any drafts, thus keeping you more comfortable. Likewise, if you choose glass with a reflective coating, it can minimize that annoying glare when you're trying to read or watch TV.

UV Protection

Speaking of coated glass, many of the coatings available are designed to filter or reflect ultraviolet rays. When UV rays enter your interior, they can cause fabrics and paint to fade. Naturally, this fading becomes unsightly over time. You'll have to buy new upholstery and carpeting plus repaint your rooms. However, choosing low-E coated glass is like putting sunscreen on your house.

Update your home, thus making it more valuable and comfortable, by replacing your house's windows.

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