Keeping Your Windshield In Good Condition

Your vehicle is equipped with several different windows that provide a clear view of the road while driving. The most important of these windows is your windshield. When your car's windshield becomes damaged, you could experience negative side effects.

Here are three types of damage that you should be mindful of when checking your windshield for problems in the future.

1. Chips

Many drivers are tempted to overlook small chips in their windshield, because these chips don't impede their field of vision while driving. Although it may be true that a chip is a just a minor nuisance, these small areas of damage can turn into bigger problems over time.

Chips weaken the structural integrity of your windshield, making the glass susceptible to further damage. You may find that a small chip can expand into a large crack, when temperatures dip or your windshield is hit with a piece of flying debris.

Opting to have minor chips repaired as quickly as possible will help save you from costly windshield replacement in the future.

2. Cracks

If you think that a cracked windshield is nothing more than an eyesore, think again. Cracks in your vehicle's windshield can pose a serious safety hazard, while you are behind the wheel.

The crack in your auto glass can refract sunlight streaming into your vehicle, creating a glare that could leave you temporarily blinded. This glare can increase your risk of being involved in an accident, by making it difficult to see obstacles on the road ahead. A cracked windshield can also weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle.

If you are involved in an accident, a cracked windshield could shatter and allow the cab of your vehicle to become crushed. Replacing a cracked windshield as soon as you can will help ensure the safety of your vehicle.

3. Damaged Weather Stripping

If you take a close look at the area where your windshield meets your car's frame, you will probably see some form of weather stripping. This weather stripping is designed to create a tight seal around the edges of your auto glass.

When the weather stripping on your car becomes damaged, moisture can seep underneath your windshield. This moisture can freeze and expand when temperatures cool, potentially cracking your windshield.

Be sure you have any damaged weather stripping replaced immediately, to avoid having poor weather stripping put your auto glass in jeopardy.

Being able to keep your windshield in good condition is important. Be sure that you are addressing chips, cracks, and damaged weather stripping quickly, to keep your auto glass safe and functional well into the future.

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