3 Facts You Must Know About A Damaged Windshield

When a crack or ding appears in your windshield, it's annoying and looks ugly. However, it isn't just the cosmetic concerns you should be worried about. A damaged windshield can be dangerous and may even be illegal. If you have a ding or crack in your windshield, and you aren't in a hurry to fix it, check out these three facts you must know about that damaged windshield:

It Reduces Your Car's Structural Integrity

While glass is usually considered fragile, your windshield is a little different. It isn't made from the same type of glass your glassware is made from. Windshields are actually made from two layers of tempered glass. Between the tempered panes of glass is a layer of resin. The resin is sticky, so if the windshield is shattered during an impact, the resin holds the pieces together. If there is a ding or crack in your windshield, there is a tear in the resin. As a result, the windshield may not stay in one piece in an accident, leading to flying glass.

It May Be Against the Law

Sometimes, having a crack or a ding in your windshield is against the law. The laws range from state to state, and the location of the damage plays a major role. If you have a small ding or crack in the top corner of your windshield, it probably doesn't affect your vision. However, if there is a crack or ding within the viewing area of the windshield (where the wipers touch) that could impact your vision, making you more dangerous on the road. As a result, in some states, it is against the law to drive with a ding or crack in the viewing area.

Your Deductible May Be Waived

Getting your windshield replaced or repaired doesn't cost a fortune, but it can still detour owners from getting their windshield fixed. In many cases, even the cost of a total windshield replacement is less than your auto insurance deductible. Luckily, in some states, it's required for the deductible to be waived for a damaged windshield. This means you can get your windshield repaired or even replaced without costing you anything.

If you have a damaged windshield, don't wait to get it fixed. Even if it's not illegal in your area, you are increasing the risk of injury or death when you drive with a broken windshield. For more information regarding windshield repair, contact local auto glass replacement services.

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