Why You Should Install A Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Open kitchens have been popular for many years now. That same open concept has taken hold in the bathroom too. Glass showers and frameless shower doors are very popular in new construction homes and remodels because they create that open feel in a small space. Here are some reasons to consider having a glass shower installed when you upgrade your bathroom.

The Shower Walls Become Invisible

Glass shower walls are the next best thing to having no enclosure around the shower. Actually, glass walls can be better because they keep water from spraying onto the bathroom floor. With no solid wall to block your line of vision, your bathroom appears larger and brighter. A glass shower is perfect for a small bathroom, and it adds a touch of elegance to a large, luxury bath.

Frameless Doors Have Tight Seals

Glass showers usually have frameless doors that operate with hinges rather than slide in a frame. This makes the doors fade into the background since there is no ugly metal frame around the door. There is a seal so the door keeps water from spraying out of the enclosure. Glass showers are often installed in such a way that the stream of water from the shower points away from the door to further guard against door leaks.

Glass Showers Have Visual Appeal

Glass showers and frameless doors are made of high-quality heavy glass that won't shatter and pose a danger. The quality of the glass is evident and gives the shower a luxury feel. Since there is no metal frame, you won't have to deal with unsightly pitting or soap scum and mildew filling up the frame track. When you place the glass enclosure around a beautiful shower made from attractive tile or stone, the effect is a picture of beauty that makes you feel proud to show the bathroom to guests.

Glass Enclosures Are Easy To Clean

One of the best benefits of a glass enclosure is that it is easy to clean. You can have a coating applied to the glass to help it repel water, but that isn't necessary. Since there is no frame to collect grime and the walls and door are a smooth surface, you can easily clean the glass after each use with a squeegee. Running a squeegee down the glass removes water so it doesn't dry and create water spots.

If you're planning to remodel your bathroom, you should consider installing a glass shower enclosure with frameless doors. Your bathroom will seem more spacious, and you'll have a shower that is easier to keep clean too. For more information, contact a local supplier like Superior Frameless Showers

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