What Mistakes Can You Make With Your Shower Doors?

The shower doors in a bathroom are not just seen as a means of keeping water from spraying all over the bathroom. They have become an important part of the design. Therefore, it is important that you make the right decisions when selecting and installing your new doors. To help you do this, here are some common mistakes that homeowners make with their shower doors.

Forgetting the Dimensions of the Shower or Tub

In the excitement of selecting shower doors, some homeowners forget to consider the dimensions of their showers and tubs. Once they start the installation for them though, it is sometimes painfully obvious that they should have taken the time to consider the shower or tub.

Although you might want to add new shower doors to your tub or shower, it might not always be possible. For instance, if your existing space is not large enough for a glass door, the installation would be impossible without making changes to your bathroom.

Avoiding this is simple as taking the time to properly assess your bathroom and determining if your shower or tub is in a position that doors can be added. You also need to consider how the doors will look in the space once they are installed. If it is too awkward due to the shape created, you could be forced to give up the doors.

Selecting Pre-Made Doors

Ordering pre-made furnishings is often a way to save money on a renovation, but in this instance, ordering pre-made shower doors could be a huge mistake. Not all pre-made doors are created equal. There is also the problem of the doors not fitting all sizes.

If you order pre-made doors, you could end up with shower doors that do not fit your tub or shower. Water could escape from the area or you could be faced with dealing with a safety issue from the doors. The problem could be amplified if you have a shower or tub with unusual dimensions.

Even if your budget is stretched, consider ordering custom shower doors. The custom doors will be fit to your tub or shower's dimensions, and you can avoid the worry that comes with pre-made doors.

To avoid other mistakes that could lead to a costly replacement of your shower doors, consult with a contractor and supplier before making a decision about the selection and installation. You can learn more about your door options and get expert help in choosing doors that fit your style and budget. For more information, contact a business such as Mitchell's Glass & Mirror.

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