How To Take Care Of Damaged Auto Glass For Cheap

Suddenly acquiring a crack in your windshield or any other part of your auto's glass is clearly not a good feeling. You'll likely be feeling even worse, though, if you are currently in a tough financial situation. If there isn't a lot of money to go around, you might be looking for solutions that can help you fix your auto glass for cheap. To that end, here are some suggestions that might help you until you can get a professional repair from an auto glass repair shop.

Don't Make It Worse

First things first, before you think about repair, think about making sure the problem doesn't worsen. A crack can quickly expand and make your car impossible to drive if you are not careful. First, try to limit your defroster use. You never want to blow air directly on the crack as the change in temperature can cause a reaction. You may also want to get a piece of clear tape and use this as a barrier over the crack. This will help keep air out, as well as dirt that could also cause a problem.

Get a Self Repair Kit

If the crack is truly small, it might be possible to fix it yourself with a self repair kit. Any reputable auto parts store will likely sell one of these kits. They usually involve a form of gel that can go right into the crack and provide a seal. These kits are never a permanent solution, but they can buy you some more time before you need professional repair. An especially large crack, though, will probably be too much for one of these types of kits to handle. If the crack is larger than one inch in any direction, you should probably contact a professional.

Getting a Quote Might Be Free

Finally, remember that even if money is tight, it doesn't cost you anything to just drive the vehicle to a local auto glass repair shop and ask them to take a quick look. If they are not already busy, many shops may be willing to at least take a glance at your issue and give you a free estimate as to how much and how long it will take to repair your car. In some cases, you might find that the cost is lower than expected or on par with buying a couple of those self-repair kits. It really depends on how bad the crack is, but in general, it usually doesn't hurt to ask.

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