Caring For Your Stained Glass Windows

If you live in a historic home, you probably have some stained glass windows that were part of the original design of the residence. Stained glass was used to help create colorful patterns of light that lent beauty and style to any indoor space.

Caring for an old stained glass window properly is essential when it comes to ensuring the integrity and performance of the window in the future. Here are three tips that you can use to keep your stained glass windows in good condition over time:

1. Clean your stained glass regularly.

In order to preserve the beauty of a stained glass window, the panes of colored glass need to be kept clean. A dirty or dingy window can impede light diffusing through the glass, causing your stained glass window to appear dull and lifeless.

To prevent the deterioration of the delicate materials used to create historic stained glass, you should clean your windows with a soft cloth and some treated water. You want to ensure that the water you are using has had all minerals and other organic compounds that could contribute to deterioration removed prior to applying the water to your stained glass windows.

2. Watch for signs of damage.

Addressing damaged areas within your stained glass window as quickly as possible will allow you to prevent the spread of damage throughout the window as a whole. When cleaning your windows, be watching for signs of damage.

Any hairline cracks, slight sagging, or oxidation that you observe could be part of the natural aging process. If you see large cracks, bulges, or missing sections of lead, these types of damage should be repaired by an experienced restoration glass repair professional to keep your stained glass windows from breaking in the future.

3. Invest in routine maintenance.

In order to keep your historic stained glass windows functioning properly, they need to be regularly maintained. This means taking the time to ensure they are correctly installed into the building envelope of your home by replacing deteriorated frames.

You should also add new weatherstripping to prevent leaks from damaging the structural integrity of the window over time. Applying new glazing products to the glass regularly will ensure that the colored panes of glass remain properly sealed in the future.

Being able to care for your historic stained glass windows properly ensures that you will be able to enjoy the beauty these windows provide well into the future.

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