Want To Make Your Glass Patio Enclosure One To Remember? Try Adding These Features

Whether you want to turn your patio into a full sunroom, or you just want to add a partition to divide the patio, you want something more than just plain glass. Even if you're not going for anything fancy, having at least one or two panes with a different design can make the enclosure look more homey and comfortable, and less utilitarian. What you choose may depend on practical considerations like keeping out the heat, but other choices are purely for fun.

Stained Glass

If you'd like a fast way to add color to the enclosure, a small stained-glass panel could be a nice choice. These don't have to be fancy at all; just a few different colors in a calm design give you something pretty to look at on lazy mornings on the patio. You can have a design custom-made and added color by color, or you can get premade panels installed -- the choice is yours.

While it is possible to go and buy stained-glass suncatchers for a lower price, a stained-glass window has two advantages. One is that those suncatchers are ornaments, and even big ones won't cover an entire pane for most enclosures. The other is that suncatchers are hung on hooks and suction cups, so they can fall. They aren't installed in a stable frame like a stained-glass panel would be.

Decorative Film

This choice is usually best for panes that are exposed to hot afternoon sunlight. The films offer both decoration and thermal-blocking properties (how much each film offers varies, so always check the details when looking at brands) with the added bonus of blocking the view of anyone inside. That means the films are better for privacy, too.

Glass Blocks

If you really want to have fun designing a part of the enclosure and would like some good insulating material, glass blocks are a suitable choice. These may not be best for entire walls, but a couple of small panels (similar to what you'd find by a front door) can add variation. You can choose clear, opaque, white, red, green, or any other color you'd like. There are also patterned blocks, those that have designs imprinted on them. You can really customize the perfect enclosure if you add these, though this option will take longer to add than the others because you have to go block by block instead of adding one full panel.

Glass patio enclosures don't have to look identical to each other. Take a look at the different materials you can use and have some fun with the design. Contact a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc for more information and assistance. 

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