Beef Up Security At Your Vacation Home To Minimize The Threat Of A Break-In Or Damage To Your Home's Interior

If your vacation home was recently broken into and some of your collectibles that were displayed in the dining area were stolen, you may be concerned about your safety and the prospect of having additional items taken from your home when you are not present. Beef up security at your residence by using the options below. The threat of a break-in will be minimized and damage to your home's interior won't be as likely to occur.

Have Impact Windows Installed

Impact windows consist of glass panes that are constructed of a durable interlayer that will not break as easily as standard glass panes. If someone attempts to strike a glass pane with a heavy object and successfully break the glass, a sticky coating on the pane's interior will prevent glass shards from being dispersed into a room in your home, which could cause you or a loved one to become injured. Impact windows will also protect your vacation home from damage associated with high winds.

As an additional measure of protection, add a layer of window tint to each impact window that is installed in your vacation home. As a result, people who pass by your home won't be able to peer through the windows and observe the possessions that you have displayed in each room, thus reducing the chances that someone will be tempted to steal from your residence.

Exchange Standard Locking Systems For Keypads 

If the locks on your home's doors haven't been updated in years, exchanging standard locking systems for ones that require the use of keypads may be beneficial. Keypads use digital technology and will require that a code is utilized to open a door. After keypads are installed, you will have the option to choose a unique code that will allow entry to your vacation home. Avoid giving the code to anyone other than close family members or people who you trust fully.

If someone attempts to gain entry to your home and uses the wrong code multiple times or breaks a door open, an alarm will sound and a central security center will be alerted to the threat of an intruder. As a result of this service, a licensed responder will be sent to your property to inspect the premises for an intruder. 

Hire A Caretaker And Give Your Property An Occupied Appearance

If you will not be staying at your vacation home for a while, hiring a caretaker will ease your mind and provide you with vital information about your property's current condition. After hiring a caretaker, provide them with a list of basic duties that you wish for them to handle on a routine basis. For instance, you could have them walk around the perimeter of your home, briefly walk through each room inside of the residence, collect mail, and water household plants.

Attempt to provide your residence with an occupied appearance before heading to your permanent home. Installing lamps that can be programmed to turn on at specific times of the day or leaving a vehicle parked in your driveway will provide the illusion that you are at home during times that you or the caretaker are not present. 

Contact an impact window installation service for more information and assistance. 

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