Obtaining Energy Efficiency From Residential Windows

Low quality windows can have an effect on energy efficiency no matter how good the HVAC system is in your house. The reason why is because low quality windows allows air to seep out of the house, which leads to longer periods of running the HVAC system. There are a few aspects of windows that can play a role in their overall contribution to energy efficiency. If you have noticed air seeping in or going out of your windows, the problem can resolved with help from a professional. The content below will provide an explaination of some of the areas of windows that can cause energy efficiency problems if they are not of a high quality.

Glass Panes Are Important

You must know that there are numerous types of glass panes. It is wise to opt for panes that are made of quality of glass if you don't want air seeping through them. Glass of a low quality is usually thin and can easily get cracked if struck with a small object. The number of panes that are in the windows is another thing that affects quality, as multiple panes can provide more protection against air seepage. Multiple panes will also provide the ability to get argon gas inserted for a thicker barrier against air.

Examine the Locks

It might seem as though locks are only in place for security reasons, but they actually play a big role in the efficiency of windows. When windows are unlocked, you will notice that air is able to seep through cracks easier. If you have weak locks, they might also allow air through cracks. Quality window locks are able to pull the windows tightly against the frames. You can hire a window contractor to examine your locks and let you know if they are ideal for energy efficiency. Keep in mind that it might be possible to simply get the locks changed if the other aspects of your windows are in good shape.

Make Sure the Frames Are Good

The frames are just as important as the quality of the glass in windows. The reason why is because air can seep all around the windows if the frames are not in good shape. Many things can cause problems for windows frames, but it depends on the type that you have. For example, wooden frames might cause efficiency problems if they are rotten or chipped. Metal window frames an get rusty and bent, which makes it possible for air to seep through.

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