Why Frosting Or Etching Your Glass Shower Doors Is A Simple DIY Process

So, you have glass shower doors. You want to make them a little less plain and a little more fun? No problem. You can use etching and frosting creams to give your shower doors a facelift. Additionally, this DIY project could not be any easier if your shower doors were directly in front of the shower head. Here is why:

Etching and Frosting Creams For Glass Have to Be Rinsed Off

When you learn how to use glass etching and frosting creams, you discover that the creams have to be left on the glass for at least a half hour. Then you have to thoroughly rinse the creams off with warm water. On shower doors, the warm water via the shower head (or spray head) is right there.

You do not have to remove the glass doors, etch/frost them, and then carefully carry the doors back into the bathroom to rinse them off. You do the entire project while standing in your tub/shower, and then angle the shower/spray head to rinse. It is the perfect, "go nowhere" project!

You Can Rinse the Project While Simultaneously Showering

Crazy as it sounds, this is one project where you do not have to completely finish it before you can use the item being decorated. Think about it. You apply the etching or frosting cream, you are waiting for it to do its job, and then you realize that you have to take a quick shower before you go somewhere. You cannot be late, but you do not have to be either. You can actually take a shower and rinse the doors of the etching or frosting cream at the same time! (Yes, the creams "eat" glass. No, you should not put them straight on your skin, but because the shower is on full blast with you in it, the heavily diluted creams will not be a problem.)

If You Forget, It Is Not a Big Deal

When you strip paint, you cannot leave the stripping agent on too long. If you use plaster to adhere tile, you cannot leave the plaster exposed and walk away from the project for over an hour. Fortunately, a time limit is not a problem at all with glass etching and frosting creams.

If you start the process, walk away, and then forget about it until an hour or more later, it is fine. Just rinse it all off and let it dry. These creams have limited effect, so they cannot "eat" all the way through the glass. They do the job, and then their active ingredients are spent.

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