Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting

Anyone considering residential window tinting should consider the potential benefits. While residential window tinting does improve the look of your home, there are many other benefits aside from the aesthetic value. Some of the benefits include saving energy, creating a constant climate within your home and reducing glare from windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The biggest impact that you'll experience with residential window tinting is increased energy efficiency. You'll greatly save on your energy bill by creating reducing the temperature of your windows. With standard windows that are not tinted, they heat up and cause your entire house to heat up. Installing tint on your windows can reduce your energy bill by up to 30 percent simply by keeping the windows cooler and keeping out the heat of the sun.

Create a Constant Climate

Along with saving you money on your energy bill, you'll also have a more consistent temperature in your rooms. Without tint, room temperature often fluctuates dramatically based on the position of the sun. With window tinting, your rooms will be a consistent temperature all day long. This both saves you money on air conditioning and increases your overall comfort.

Reduce Glare from the Sun

Does glare from the sun shining through your windows create a glare on your computer or TV? With tinted windows, glare will be a thing of the past. Not only will you become more productive and comfortable, but you'll also simply enjoy using your electronics more. Window tinting reflects the glare instead of letting it in, meaning your computer or TV won't be showing the sun.

Experience True Protection from the Sun

UV radiation is the what causes sunburn. You can actually get a sunburn while sitting on the couch next to windows that are not tinted. Fortunately, tinted windows reduce or entirely eliminate the amount of UV light that's allowed into your house, providing you with a sunburn free environment. Most window tint reduces UV light by 99 percent.

Enjoy Easy Maintenance

Window tinting is both scratch resistant and water resistant, meaning that it will be incredibly easy to clean. Depending on the type of tint that you have, you'll need special cleaning agents, so make sure to get suggestions from the company that installs your window tinting. You should also ask about the cleaning schedule, as different tints require different cleaning intervals.

Anyone interested in residential window tinting will enjoy all of the above benefits once they've made their decision.

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