4 Designed Angles To Consider When Building A Glass Shower Door

If you are in the process of redesigning the shower in your bathroom, there are a few different design elements that you are going to need to take into consideration before you move forward with the installation of your glass shower door. You need to think about the angles you want to use in your shower, type of hardware you want to use, bottom of the shower enclosure, and material for the shower walls.

#1 Angle of the Shower

You need to consider the angles that you want to use for your shower. For an affordable shower, you are going to want to make sure that all of your glass is attached to the wall and each other at 90, 180 or 134 degree angles. These are the angles that most hardware for shower doors is designed for. If you want to use different angles, be prepared to pay for custom hardware.

#2 Type of Hardware

Second, you need to think about what type of hardware you want to use for your shower door. Since glass is clear, you are going to be able to easily see the hardware in your shower when you are both inside and outside of your shower. You want the hardware that you choose for your glass shower door to fit with the overall feel of your bathroom. Try to match the style and feel of the hardware for your door with the style and feel of the hardware you use for your faucets and cabinets within your bathroom for a more cohesive feeling.

#3 Bottom of the Shower Enclosure

Third, you need to think about how you want the bottom of the shower enclosure to be designed. This area is referred to as the shower curb.

Do you want the glass to extend all the way to the floor? If you want the glass to extend all the way to the floor, make sure that you have a good slow in your shower for water drainage. Glass that is flush with the floor makes it easier for those with disabilities, such as walking aids, to get into and out of the shower.

Or do you want there to a curb on the edge of your shower? The curb is usually made out of the same material as the bottom of your shower. Adding a couple inch curb means you need to step in and out of your shower, but it also helps keep water inside of your shower and prevents water from leaking and pooling inside of your shower.

#4 Material for the Shower Wall

Fourth, you need to take into consideration what type of material you want to use for the shower walls that are not made of glass. The type of material that you use for your shower walls will greatly determine how your shower and your bathroom space looks since you will be able to see the material for your shower walls throughout your bathroom. You can use lots of different materials for your shower walls, from marble to tile to ceramic.

When designed your shower door, be sure to think about the angles of your shower, how your shower hardware matches with the rest of your bathroom, the type of curb you want to install and the material you want to use for your other shower walls. Making these choices before you begin your bathroom remodel will make the remodeling process for your shower area go smoother. Contact a company, like Master Glass & Mirror LLC, for more help.

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