Why Your Old Windows Might Be Costing You Money

When you're upgrading parts of your building, you may feel like leaving your commercial windows as the last upgrade on the list. However, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Rather than costing money in the long-run, a commercial glass installation can do a lot to improve your business's overhead. 

Old Buildings Are Usually Inefficient

Modern windows are much more energy-efficient than windows used in the past. If you have recently purchased a building, you should only leave the current windows if the building has been recently constructed. 

Heating and Cooling Is Expensive

For most commercial buildings, heating and cooling is one of the largest expenditures. This is especially true if you own a commercial building that generates more heat than usual. 

During the winter, when a window has a broken seal, this can lead to a draft that can lower the building's overall temperature more than usual. This will not only make the building much less comfortable, but will also increase heating costs.

During the summer, the opposite happens and broken window seals lead to the building becoming warmer. Costs continue to skyrocket during the summer because it is expensive to cool a building that is letting in hot air. 

Older Windows Require More Maintenance

Older windows can also require much more maintenance, and these costs can add up. For example, windows with wooden frames require ongoing scraping and painting. For this reason, wooden frames are rarely used for commercial windows. 

If you find yourself repairing windows every year, you're simply delaying the inevitability that you'll eventually need to replace your windows. While you may be able to repair glass and seal the gaps, there will eventually come a time when repairs are no longer feasible and you will simply need to replace your windows.

Soundproof Windows Improve Employee Productivity

You may be losing money as a result of lower employee productivity. For example, your building might be located near a noisy highway or it may be located near an airport. Noise pollution has a negative impact on cognitive performance and may also have negative health effects.

By using soundproofed windows, you'll be able to keep your employees relaxed and they will be more productive. When employees are more stressed out, they may not work as efficiently. You may even be forced to hire more staff to account for less productivity. For all of these reasons, you should consider having your commercial windows updated by window installation specialists, such as those at Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc.

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