Need New Shower Doors? Here Are A Few Good Reasons To Consider Frameless Options

There are a wide variety of shower doors on the market, so you're likely unsure of which option to go with when all is said and done. Here are just a few good reasons to go with frameless shower doors and forget about those other options:

Optimize Perceived Space

One great reason to choose frameless shower doors for your bathroom is to optimize the amount of perceived space that's available inside the shower stall itself. With bulky doors or curtains in place, your shower stall could feel a lot more dark and cramped than is necessary. Frameless shower doors will allow maximum light inside in the shower stall and provide a sense of spaciousness that may make you feel more like you're showering at a spa rather than in your own bathroom at home.

Rely on Ongoing Durability

Frameless shower doors are designed to hold up to wear and tear like a regular door would. They'll open and close thousands of times without coming loose or showing signs of wear. Your new frameless doors should have no problem standing up to rowdy kids who aren't always careful with the doors they're using. You won't have to worry about replacing rusty frames or ripped curtains. And, if one of your glass doors get cracked, you can simply replace the piece of glass instead of the entire door system.

Enjoy Easy Maintenance

Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain, which is something everyone in your household who shares the chores should learn to appreciate as time goes on. The sleek design of frameless windows means that there aren't a bunch of nooks and crannies to clean. In fact, all you should have to do to keep your shower doors looking new and clean is wash them with some window cleaner once a week or so. Keeping the doors maintained should be as easy as inspecting them for inconsistencies once in a while, ensuring that the hardware stays tightly fastened.

Customize the Design

Another benefit of choosing frameless shower doors for your bathroom over other options is to optimize your ability to customize their overall design. You can choose from a wide variety of glass colors, styles, and designs to have installed in your door system to start with. Then you can style the doors even more yourself by having designs etched into the glass or by embellishing the edges of the doors with decorations. You can even replace the hardware with your own custom pieces while the shower doors are being installed. 

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